The Pullman Blackmailer


Doctor Dietler, a ruthless blackmailer has hired a ‘special’ train from the railway magnate Colonel Holman Stevens. Onboard are the famous actress Maria Zinden travelling with her son, Franck, and the armaments merchant Federick von Heissen, both of whom are being blackmailed by Doctor Dietler. Why is Colonel Holman Stevens allowing Doctor Dietler to hire the Pullman train on which to conduct his wicked blackmail business? What are the secrets that the famous actress and armaments merchant have to hide, and what does the Flagler Bridge disaster have to do with this case,? Why do we also find Sherlock Holmes to be a prime suspect for the murder?


The Cast


Doctor Dietler: A possible blackmailer who is travelling by train for the purposes of carrying out his evil business

Franck: Travelling with Maria Zinden, Franck, is a most untidy looking boy of unpleasant manners. Wherever his beloved mother goes, he goes too.

Inspector Lestrade: This Scotland Yarder is methodical and like a dog with a bone. Unfortunately he is often erroneous in his deductions.

Colonel Holman Stevens: A magnate of some wealth but why is he so vexed by the presence of Doctor Dietler on his train?

Pullman Steward: About sixty, but looking very heartly and athletic. A man held in high regard by the railway, but what secret does he hide?

Federick Von Heissen: Well-dressed but reticent in manner. Known to be an armaments merchant. Also suspected of being blackmailed by Doctor Dietler.

Doctor Watson: Solid and dependable but always one step behind Holmes

Maria Zinden: It is no surprise that this fine actress has admirers the world over, including royalty. Why is she being blackmailed?

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