All You Wanted To Know About Our Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery Evenings But Were Afraid To Ask ...


Is It Suitable For What I Have In Mind

Our evenings are a great fun experience for all ages, combining good food with a dramatic crime scene and a clue solving game. You can enjoy these special evenings with your friends, or family, without the headache of having to organise it yourself. A great idea for birthdays, Christmas parties, that special occasion, Masonic ladies nights, your club or society themed evening, charity fund raising event, or just for the fun of it with friends and family at home or at your favourite restaurant. We also run evenings for corporate events such as product launches, conference dinners with a difference or as an ideal way to getting people together at training courses.

When Is A Good Time For Murder?

Practically any time is a good one for murder. Most of our bookings take place on a Friday or Saturday evening but we are available any night of the week, and most lunch times as well. Special days e.g. Bank Holidays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter are particularly popular.

Who Will Come Along?

Our players, as well as being amateur actors (and some being ‘Equity’ members), all belong to a Sherlock Holmes society and hence will add realism to the evenings, which are performed in full period costume. You may expect two or three of actors for a medium sized event.

Can I Choose A Plot?

There are a number of different scripts each of which is adaptable for most occasions. There is even a special Christmas text. Plots are hilarious, but still solvable to the astute of mind.

How Long Does It Take?

Each event lasts between three and four hours and is acted out between courses. In some cases e.g. for training sessions there may be a strict time limit of just a couple of hours which can also be accommodated.

How Many People Do I Need?

For a private party it is recommended that no less than twenty people should be present to make the evening a success (though we have performed for as few as eight). The most cost effective party size is around forty guests, though for corporate events we can cater for numbers in excess of one hundred persons.

Can I Have Something Personal For My Special Occasion?

All our events have a personal touch. Every guest will be presented with a booklet (around twenty-five pages) of the script at the end of the event. Each booklet will be personalised with your own cover design and introduction should you wish at no extra cost. For a small additional fee we will take digital photographs of your event throughout the evening and sent these to you afterwards on a compact disc for you to keep.

How Do You Get People To Mingle?

Upon arrival you will be greeted by Holmes and Watson (or another character) who will encourage you to take part in a mixer quiz. This will involve having to find another guest in order to solve a clue. Having worked out the first clue you should now interrogate as many other people as possible in order to answer as many of the remaining clues in the time allowed. There will of course be prizes for the winners of this ‘ice breaker’ which may, or more likely may not, have any bearing on the murder to follow.

How Will You Stage A Murder?

The next step is for you to take your seat for dinner during which there will be a death - a gun shot, a strangulation, or is it a poisoning? It is normal of one of the guests, usually the event organiser, to be the victim.

What Happens Next?

Holmes and Watson will swiftly go into action and the main part of the evening begins. Armed with some background details, and your first clue, you become the detective trying to pit your wits against Holmes as you race to solve the case before the great detective. For every deduction you make more clues, or red herrings, will be forthcoming. Further scenes (up to a dozen) will be acted out in front of you. Each scene will provide information invaluable to your investigation. Finally, there will be visual clues, hidden around the venue for you to find. Once you have made your deductions, found the motive and named the murderer you will be invited to submit your answers.


It will most likely be one of your guests who didn’t even know that they were the murderer. In the denouement Holmes will line up all the suspects and expose their secrets one by one until the final person left is the guilty party (or are they?). There will be prizes for those who solved the case along with personalised certificates of achievement, special awards for the best volunteer actors, as well as souvenir booklets for all.

How Much Will It Cost?

The general answer is much less than you might think, and certainly less than any ‘Corporate Entertainment’ or ‘Party Planner’ company. Cost does depend on distance travelled, number of guests and number of actors but prices start at just a couple of hundred pounds for a fully inclusive evening. We believe this makes us the most cost effective live entertainment available at only a few pounds per head.

Are You A Comedy Theatre?

Please remember we are not a comedy theatre and rely on audience participation. We are the only company offering authentic Sherlock Holmes murder mystery evenings at the most reasonable rates available. Please do not hesitate to contact us as we will be delighted to provide additional details about our murder mystery events and to discuss your particular requirements.

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