The Wench Is Dead

The Real Life Murder Of Christina Collins

on the Trent & Mersey Canal at Rugeley, Staffordshire

Saturday 29th. July 2000

an excursion by

The Inspector Morse Society


Last year the Society made an excursion exploring the locations used by Colin Dexter in plotting The Wench Is Dead. This year we are fortunate to have John Godwin as our guest who will enlighten us as to the real details behind the murder of Christina Collins. He is responsible for original research into this affair and has written a booklet which is the definitive guide to the murder and susequent trial. He will outline the similarities between the real murder and the Colin Dexter book.

Our centre of operation will be The Eaton Lodge in Rugeley. For those arriving early there will be an opportunity to see the televison version of The Wench Is Dead. However, the formal proceedings will begin with a talk by John Godwin which will be followed by lunch after which we will take a walk (weather permitting) along the canal to the Bloody Steps close to where Christina’s body was found. We will also visit (car sharing) St. Augustine’s churchyard where the grave of Christina Collins is to be found, along with that of Dr. William Palmer (who is alleged to have poisoned around 15 people). Finally we will see Hoo Mill Lock where Christina Collins was last seen alive.

The day will end with afternoon tea and cake which will be served back at The Eaton Lodge. Departure is expected at 17:00.



Inclusive of lunch, talk, room hire, guided tour and afternoon tea – 25.

The Bloody Steps and the grave of Christina Collins in Rugeley