In The Wake of the Barbara Bray

Saturday 24th. - Sunday 25th. July 1999


This is the first of a two part investigation exploring the world of The Wench is Dead. This excursion is being repeated over the weekend of 24th/25th July 1999 and will be by minibus. On this occasion the Colin Dexter side of the story will be looked at, whereas at some future time an enquiry into the real murder on which the plot is based will be made to Rugeley and the Black Country Museum.

On account of the narrow boat only holding a maximum of 12 persons and small country lanes which will have to be traversed there will be a maximum of 12 places available each day. Hence early application for tickets is advised.

Saturday 24th. July 1999 - starting at Oxford Railway Station we will view the site of the old assizes court where the trial took place, and Oxford Goal where the boatmen were hanged. From here we will make our way to Middle Way where the grave of Joanna Franks was located until recently.

The next stop will be Gibraltar where screams were heard at the lock near to the 'Rock of Gibraltar' pub where morning coffee will be served. Back on the road again the locks at Aynho and King's Sutton will be viewed before arrival at Braunston Marina where a narrow boat trip will be made during which lunch will be served.

Following lunch there will be time to look around the marina before departing again for Oxford via Napton and Banbury. The final stop will be ‘The Plough’ at Wolvercote where the body of Joanna Franks was taken and examined by the coroner.

For those wishing to stay longer there is an option of dinner at ‘The Plough’. Lifts can be arranged back to Oxford station either before or after dinner. The outing will start at 9:30 and finish at ‘The Plough around’ 18:30.

Cost: Including travel, morning coffee, 3 hour narrow boat excursion, and Ploughman’s lunch - 30 Optional 3-course dinner - 16.50.

Sunday 25th. July 1999 - starting at Rugby railway station (and an additional pick-up at Braunston Marina) the minibus will first explore the locks at Napton and Banbury where morning coffee will be taken. From here we will travel via King's Sutton, Aynho and Gibraltar to ‘The Plough’ at Wolvercote where a traditional Sunday lunch has been arranged. Following lunch the viewing of Middle Way, the assizes court and Oxford goal will done before making our way to Braunston Marina where afternoon tea will be taken while cruising the canal on a narrow boat.

After time to look around the marina itself members will be returned to Rugby. The event will commence at 9:00 from Rugby railway station with an estimated return of 18:30.

Cost: Including travel, morning coffee, traditional Sunday lunch, 3 hour narrow boat excursion and afternoon tea - 38

Note: On both days it is hoped to have guide at Braunston to point out where the filming of ‘The Wench is Dead’ actually took place. Early booking is advised since the capacity of the minibus and narrow boat is just 12 persons.



Friday 27th. August 1999 - For any member who may wish to arrive early on the Friday evening a Morse pub crawl will be organised. This year Worcester College, with its beautiful park like surroundings and lake, is acting as our base camp for accommodation.

Saturday 28th. August 1999 - Our Pearce's coach (as used in the filming of the various Inspector Morse series) will start at around 9:30 with pick-ups from Worcester College and Oxford Railway Station. We will travel to Lambourne, one of the great horse racing centres in England where a tour will be made of the stables used in the filming of ‘The Daughters of Cain’. The tour last for approximately 2 hours and includes morning coffee.

From here we will drive to Bath where, depending on traffic, there will be a little time to see the city centre before taking a late lunch at the famous ‘Royal Crescent Hotel’ which featured so magnificently in’ Death is Now my Neighbour’.

On the return journey there will be a short stop at Honey Street to view the ‘The Barg’ (Morse's rule: there is always time for a quick one Lewis!) where Morse and Kershaw discussed the evidence in ‘The Wench is Dead’. Arrival back in Oxford should be around 17:30 leaving time to check into our accommodation at Worcester College before our annual Gala dinner.

This year we have a private room at ‘The Randolph Hotel’ (walking distance from Worcester College and featured in several episodes) where Colin Dexter will once again be our guest of honour and speaker. He will no doubt entertain us and tell us all about his new Inpector Morse book!

Sunday 29th. August 1999 - today promises to be a relaxing day with gentle strolls. After breakfast, taken at Worcester College, there will be another Inspector Morse walk of Oxford. However, unlike previous walks which have concentrated on the colleges, this time some of the lesser known locations will be investigated such at the car park in ‘The Secret of Bay 5B’. Included in this all new walk will be the chance to climb to the top of St. Mary's church to gain panoramic views of the city.

Arriving back at Worcester College a traditional Sunday lunch will be served in the Linbury Building beside the lake after which a coach (Pearce's no less) will take us to Stowe gardens where a guided tour will be taken of these famous gardens (‘The Ghost in the Machine’). This will be followed by afternoon tea. It is expected to return to Oxford by 17:30 with a stop being made at Oxford railway station.