The Blue Carbuncle


It is Christmas time at the Hotel Cosmopolitan and among the guests is the Countess of Morcar who owns the famous Blue Carbuncle diamond, which is presently stolen from her room. A body is also found in her bathroom. Chief suspect for committing the theft and murder is the plumber called to her room earlier that day. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are soon on the scene of the crime and discover that all is not as it seems for a goose apparently holds the key to this seasonal mystery.

This is an adaptation of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story of the same name but with two murders.


The Cast


Henry Baker: A member of the ‘Goose Club’ at the Alpha Inn. Described as ‘a man who leads a sedentary life, goes out little,’ he has the appearance of one ill-treated by life

Breckinridge: A dealer in geese at Covent Garden. Short tempered and a man in a hurry but why is he so uncooperative?

Catherine Cusack: Maid to the Countess of Morcar. Seems all too freely attracted to persons of the opposite sex, and may have a guilty secret to hide.

John Horner: A plumber with a criminal record for robbery. Has he learnt the error of his ways?

Peterson: The commissionaire at the Hotel Cosmopolitan. A honest fellow by nature, or is he?

James Ryder: The upper attendant at the Hotel Cosmopolitan. Described as ‘a little rat-faced fellow’. Is he to be trusted?

Peter Steiler: Manager of the Englischer Hof in Meiringen. In England to see old friends and maybe to settle old scores?

Doctor Watson: Solid and dependable but always one step behind Holmes.

Windigate: The landlord of the Alpha Inn who organises a ‘Goose Club’ of which Henry Baker is a member. He is a ‘ruddy faced, white aproned landlord’.

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