Mystery Of A Hansom Cab

By Fergus Hume

with an introduction by H. R. F. Keating

ISBN 978 1 901091 38 0, 308 pages, perfect bound


A Hansom cab driver in Melbourne, Australia takes a gentleman passenger on board but unfortunately the passenger is discovered to be dead on arrival! How could a person travelling on his own in the back of a cab have been chloroformed to death? That is the mystery that will hold you, the reader, from page one right through to the end. It is this puzzle too that has made this book one of the most successful crime stories ever to have been published. It has been described in one reference book as one of the most successful crime stories of all time. It sold well over a million copies and has appeared in at least twelve different languages. Includes an excellent introduction by H.R.F. Keating who has himself published over 32 novels. The Sunday Times described The Mystery of a Hansom Cab as: "One of the best 100 Crime Stories of all time.

This new easy to read version in Palatino 11pt runs to a massive 308 pages and is now back in print by popular demand with a stunning new cover illustration by Nikki Sims.