Sherlock Holmes on the Rails
Volume 2

Read by Miles Richardson & Nick Utechin

The Final Problem by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The Pullman Recluse by Richard Stannoy

Two new complete and unabridged recordings by Miles Richardson & Nick Utechin of railway orientated adventures for Sherlock Holmes

The Final Problem

This is the case, set in 1891, which takes Holmes from Baker Street to the Reichenbach Falls and a fateful meeting with his greatest opponent, the criminal mastermind, Professor Moriarty. A regrettable outcome will surely follow at this fearful place.

The Pullman Recluse

Come aboard the train specially built for the recluse, Doctor Andreas Dietler, who believes his life is in danger. In a case which revolves around freemasonry there appears to be a mistaken identity when the body of Dietler’s secretary is found murdered.

ISBN 1 901091 27 9

Approx 2 hours listening