The Pullman Recluse

By Richard Stannoy

Read by Nick Utechin

The Pullman Recluse follows the fortunes of Doctor Andreas Dietler, freemason and wealthy mining magnate from South Africa, who has become a hermit on his own specially built train. He is in fear of his life and sends a coded message asking Sherlock Holmes for help, but on his arrival Holmes finds that Inspector Lestrade is already on the case investigating the murder of Doctor Dietler’s secretary, Colonel Holman Stevens (also a freemason). Could this be a case of mistaken identity? What was the real purpose for Doctor Dietler summoning his brother and a long term business associate to his train that morning? What secrets are to be found within the windowless compartment in which Doctor Dietler spends so much time? Answers to all these questions will be found in this specially written masonic adventure, The Pullman Recluse.

ISBN 1 901091 25 2

Approx 80 minutes listening