Sherlock Holmes on the Rails
Volume 1

Read by Miles Richardson

The Bruce-Partington Plans by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The Pullman Theft by Richard Stannoy

Two new complete and unabridged recordings by Miles Richardson of railway orientated adventures for Sherlock Holmes

The Bruce-Partington Plans

Arthur Cadogan West is found dead beside the points at Aldgate station with 7 of the 10 plans for the top secret Bruce-Partington submarine. How did he get there and where are the missing documents?

The Pullman Theft

Holmes is commissioned to stop a gang of theives working Pullman trains, but the trap he sets backfires when the seemingly innocent Doctor Dietler is murdered on board. Holmes investigates further and uncovers not one, but three crimes.

ISBN 1 901091 00 7
2 CDs: Unabridged
Approx 2 hours listening