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Where’s Colin?


It is widely known that Colin Dexter has made a cameo appearance in most of the television adaptations of Inspector Morse but if you want to look out for him in the future (on video of course!) this comprehensive episode guide should come in useful. The numbers given refer to the time into the episode that Colin makes his appearance.

The Dead Of Jericho:

A college arcade (Magdalen), walking past Morse. 0:45:07

The Silent World Of Nicholas Quinn:

Al-Jamara reception. 0:01:34

Service Of All The Dead:

Outside a college archway, talking to female cyclist. 0:34:19

The Wolvercote Tongue:

The Chapters Bar (now the Morse Bar) of the Randolph Hotel. 0:32:22

Last Seen Wearing:

Exiting the Bodlein Library. 1:09:20

The Setting Of The Sun:

Doctor in the hospital. 1:41:59

The Last Bus To Woodstock:

Several times during the Rochester lecture. 0:56:40

Ghost In The Machine

No Appearance

The Last Enemy:

River bank, passer-by. 0:00:19

Deceived By Flight:

Walking behind Lewis and Rolly in college. 0:47:11

The Secret Of Bay 5

No Appearance

The Infernal Serpent:

Several times during Dr. Dear’s lecture. 0:45:53

The Sins Of The Father

No Appearance

Driven To Distraction:

Reading newspaper in launderette. 0:23:48

Masonic Mysteries:

Several times during rehearsals of the Magic Flute, in auditorium during police interviews. 0:04:19 and 0:10:22

Second Time Around:

The Trout public house, drinking. 1:00:14 and 1:01:19

Fat Chance:

As a don in a college quadrangle. 1:22:38

Who Killed Harry Field:

Among Eirl party, in a college quadrangle. 1:04:53

Greeks Bearing Gifts:

College porter. 0:25:43

Promised Land

No Appearance

Dead On Time:

Schubert reception, from behind. 0:23:28

Happy Families:

Tramp, fishing in a bin and outside the Mitre pub. 0:29:25 and 0:35:29

The Death Of The Self:

Opera scene, three to the left of Chief Inspector Morse. 1:38:09

Absolute Conviction:

Prisoner led from the chapel. Prisoner listening to sermon. 0:14:43 and 0:33:18

Cherubim And Seraphim:

Present at seraphic presentation. 0:32:57

Deadly Slumber:

A college porter. 1:06:54 and 1:07:20

The Day Of The Devil:

From behind, having tea on a hotel lawn. 1:19:30

Twilight Of The Gods:

The Sheldonian Theatre behind the Chancellor. 0:28:55 and 0:39:01

The Way Through The Woods:

A top wall of Brasenose College. 0:01:34

The Daughters Of Cain:

Clinic waiting room (with crutches). 0:56:46

Death Is Now My Neighbour:

As a bishop, saying grace. 1:12:54

The Wench Is Dead:

During the Victorian exhibition. 0:00:10

The Remorseful Day:

Under Magdalen Bridge, tourist in a wheelchair. 1:04:20