Here Are Some Pointers As To Why We Are Unique


Price - Of all the companies of our type, we are the most cost-effective and value for money in the country.

Personalisation - Every guest receives a booklet containing that event’s script. The cover and introduction are individually prepared for every occasion. In addition winners will receive personalised certificates.

Provenance - As well as being the first to perform regular murder mysteries on vintage trains, we are still the only company who exclusively perform Sherlock Holmes events.

Pedigree - We are the ‘best of breed’ in our field and since our inception over ten years ago have gained thousands of satisfied customers many of who have become friends and regularly attend our events.

Professionalism - All our players are also members of at least one Sherlock Holmes society and hence are experts in the characters they portray.Some of our players are ‘Equity’ members.

Performance - We are the only group that will entertain you from your arrival with a mixer quiz right through to the final denouement and prize giving.

Plots - All the scripts used are unique to our company and copyrighted. Hence you will not see our plots performed anywhere else. Although complex each mystery can be solved by the astute of mind.

Participation - Your guests will all join in the fun searching for clues and interrogating the suspects - some will even be allowed to take parts in the production and one will probably be the victim or murderer! It is the ideal way to get people of all ages to mix and is equally adaptable for commercial events such as training courses or for private party nights with a difference.

Period Costume - We are the only company to perform authentic Sherlock Holmes events in period costume, and have gained an international reputation for excellence.

Planning - We will help you plan your event. No party size is too small or too large and no distance too great. We can suggest possible venues to make your evening a hassle free success.

hotographs - If desired our photographic service will deliver a compact disc containing images taken on the night that have been digitally enhanced so you can keep and share the memories of your event.

roduce It Yourself - We have a kit available which can be personalised for your requirements should you wish to host your own murder mystery event without our players.

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Endeavour House, 170 Woodland Road, Sawston, Cambridge, CB2 4DX