Service of All the Dead

St. Michael’s Church, The Crown,
The Hind’s Head &
The Morse Challenge 2002


Bray-on-Thames, Berkshire


Sunday 13th. October 2002

an excursion by

The Inspector Morse Society


Much of “Service Of All The Dead” was shot at just one outside location – the charming Bershire village of Bray. Our day of leisure will begin at 12 noon in Bray where members may wish to partake of preprandial drinks at The Crown (used in the filming). At 1 o’clock luncheon will be served at The Hind’s Head in the company of Colin Dexter and the vicar of Bray who was actually involved in the original filming at St. Michael’s church.

After lunch there will be a short talk, and a guided tour of the church and those who wish may climb to the top of the tower which affords magnificent views over the surrounding countryside. Members may also like to explore some more of the village and river before returning to The Hind’s Head for afternoon tea and cake during which this year’s Morse Challenge for The Endeavour Cup will take place. The meeting should conclude around 5 o’clock.



27.50 inclusive of 3-course lunch with glass of wine/soft drink, talk, room hire, guided tour, donation to St. Michael’s church, afternoon tea and cake, souvenir.

(anybody only wanting a 2-course lunch may deduct 3)

Event vouchers are acceptable - please enclose your receipt.