Return To The Promised Land
(Sunday 13th July 2003)


Barrington Pheloung

An Afternoon Event Held At

Platypus Creek Restaurant
Earls Colne, Colchester, Essex





The musical director for all the Morse films is an astonishingly versatile and prolofoc Australianmusician, "says the World of Inspector Morse on Barrington Pheloung. Even the choral pieces are Barrington and a hadnful of friends, using multi-tracking to multiply the voices.

It is not often that television music is successful, but Pheloung can claim several albums/cd's for Inspector Morse, the first of which became a platinum disc.

In everything he produces he has learnt the trick of conjuring up the exact pace and atmosphere required whether it be modern day Oxford, Australia or a Victorian canal boat as it gently makes its way towards murder and Ireland. Now is your chance to meet this musical genius.

Taking into consideration that Pheloung in an Australian exiled to Essex and that the Prmoised Land was set in New South Wales what better setting can there be than the exquisite Platypus Creek restaurant and bar which we have hired for the day. As you will see the menu has an antipodal theme that will be added to by Barrington who has even threatened to play for us on his guitar.

"They don't spell Australian beer with four XXXX's out of ignorance. They mean what they say. And Lite beer is an invention of the the Prince of Darkness." Hopefully you will have a better impression after our outing to Platypus Creek.

For those travelling some distance there is a reasonably priced motel next to the restarant.

It is hoped that Colin Dexter will also attend subject to prior engagements.

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Return To The Promised Land Lunch

Starters - a taster of each

Speared Crocodile
with a Snappy Sate sauce

Sweet Potato, Pumpkin and Zucchini Samosa

Barossa Valley Salad
olives, feta & avocado on salad leaves

Tropicana Cane
pineapple, melon and kewi kebab

loin of lamb, topped with goats cheese & Portobello mushroom, baked in a pastry lattice

Griddled Shark Steak
with macadamia nut mayonnaise

Chicken Breast
stuffed with spiced cous cous, mango and pineapple

Seared Kangaroo
with a mountain pepper sauce

Roasted Vegetable Stack
with Kumara Rosti

Traditional Aussie Lamington
jam filled sponge, coated in chocolate, rolled in coconut

topped with summer fruits

Lemon & Lime Cheesecake

Ice Cream Selection

Cheese 7 Biscuits


Coffee and Mints

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