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If you are interested in joining our team of actors then please fill in the actor's registration form below, alternatively fill in the printable form


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Alternatively send us an email direct to,
ring us on
01223 473025,
or send us a fax on
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(1) All information given on this form is kept strictly confidential.

(2) Filling out this form does not guarantee you work, and likewise does not commit you to work.

(3) When, and if, murder mystery evenings come along in your area, with suitable parts, we will contact you about possible evenings. We will try to give as much notice as possible - usually several weeks.



(4) Evenings usually start around 18.30 and finish at 23.00. Full training will be given and you will always be acting with others of some experience. Usually lifts can be arranged for those without transport.

(5) Evenings are based on the Wealden Pullman series of booklets which we suggest you read beforehand to gain the plot line!

(6) The most important thing is to have fun during the evening yourself. They are light hearted affairs with a mixer quiz first, followed by a murder and prize giving. Numbers of guests attending vary from around 20 to 70 per evening.

(7) Most of our events take place onboard trains (usually Saturday nights), in restaurants and sometimes for corporate events such as product launches and training days.



(8) As a general guide depending on numbers you can expect a fee in the region 30-35 for an evening. Payments are made in cash at the end of the evening.

(9) In addition you should be given free drinks and the same meal as the guests (though sometimes this is after the guests have departed).

(10) You will also receive commission payments when there is a sales tray.

Telephone: 01223 473025

Fax: 01223 473053

Endeavour House, 170 Woodland Road, Sawston, Cambridge, CB2 4DX